The vacation to begin your married life as a couple

We can match your honeymoon ideal to your personalities.  The beauty behind any great honeymoon is choosing a destination that perfectly illustrates your personality as a couple.  With literally a world of possibilities, the key is to pick the vacation that best suites our personal style.

If you are looking to spend a week unwinding poolside, with a private butler at your call, relaxing high atop a rainforest, visiting ancient ruins or horseback riding in the ocean, Custom Travel can help you to make this dream come true.  

There are endless options to choose from. From the rainforests of Costa Rica, to the white sugar sand beach of Turks and Caicos, all the way to Tahiti in an over the water villa, the world is yours to choose from.  Couples who enjoy learning ancient traditions, dining on traditional dishes, strolling through village markets looking for handcrafted treasures and bringing home that special treasure have the chance to fulfill their dreams.

In the busy world of completing a degree, working full time and planning a wedding, many find searching through the thousands of pages of information on the internet to be overwhelming and confusing.  Custom Travel's staff has been educated, visited hundreds of hotels and resorts, sailed on numerous cruise lines. With our knowledge, Custom Travel can assist you in booking your perfect honeymoon.

Custom Travel offers honeymoon payment plans, private honeymoon appointments and personal and unbiased advice. 

We are with you during all of the stages of the honeymoon:  planning, answering questions, providing pre-travel advice, organizing and providing travel documents, contacting the resorts with your requests and advising them you are celebrating your honeymoon, dealing with travel issue and emergencies (weather and illnesses do occur at times!) and welcoming you home.


Honeymoon REGISTRY

Take advantage of Custom Travel’s complimentary bridal registry and have your guests help pay for your honeymoon.  It's FREE and no fees are charged to you or the purchaser. Purchases for your bridal registry can be made in any denomination by check, cash, credit or debit card. Unlike internet honeymoon websites and resort registry websites that charge fees (from 2% and up), Custom Travel's Honeymoon Registry is 100% free. Gift certificates can be purchased by calling 203-949-9990 or clicking HERE.


Great experience. Booked a fabulous honeymoon with Veronica.
— - Lauren Beaver