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The Caribbean Islands are a large chain of amazing tropical islands spread about in the breathtaking waters of the Caribbean Sea. These islands evoke feelings of awe and anyone who has visited one of these majestic islands can hold on to memories of paradise for a lifetime – or they can just return for another breathtaking adventure! Please contact Custom Travel to learn more about any of the islands in the Caribbean.


Known for: A flat coral island, it maintains a maritime tradition of proud fishermen and offers small and exclusive resorts.

Best for: Spending time in the sun, basking in luxury, and enjoying fine dining.


Known for: Antigua has 365 beaches – one for every day of the year!  The island has an easy-going charm, some of the Caribbean's best beaches and incredibly friendly people.

Best for: Islanders and visitors alike flock to Shirley Heights to enjoy a Sunday afternoon tradition where you can enjoy a magnificent sunset, music and a few glasses of the island’s rum punch.


Known for: Aruba's main attraction is a ribbon of beaches lined with big world-class resorts and backed up with familiar restaurants and bars.

Best for: Vacations requiring no thinking at all!



Known for: Close to the US, the 700 islands of the Bahamas have far-flung hideaways and entertaining mega-resorts.

Best for: Island-hopping explorers, divers, partiers and anyone needing a quick escape!


Known for: British accents are common on this tidy, medium-sized island right on the edge of the Atlantic. Various beaches ideal for surfers, wind-surfers and sunbathers. A truly welcoming island.

Best for: Any budget and travelers seeking activities.

British Virgin Islands

Known for: The BVIs are a richer, less-developed and more isolated version of the US Virgin Islands. Yacht lovers and divers find their bliss amongst the 40 islands here; the main island, Tortola, offers high-end travel options.

Best for: Divers and snorkelers and those who enjoy sunset cocktail parties.


Cayman Islands

Known for: Grand Cayman is reminiscent of South Florida, only more orderly and with less traffic. It offers resorts of all kinds and famous diving, snorkeling and swimming with schools of stingrays.

Best for: Hassle-free vacations, diving/snorkeling and watersports.


Known for:  A medium-sized island with a focus beyond tourism. The main city of Willemstad has a famous, beautiful, and historic harbor. Isolated beaches scattered offer beauty and privacy.

Best for: Off-the-beaten track wanderings.

Dominican Republic

Known for: A large country with a dominant Hispanic culture, DR (as it's called) has world-class resorts on marvelous beaches and offers rich colonial-era history.

Best for: Resort-seekers and adventurers.



Known for: Grenada is one of the lushest islands in the Caribbean. With its gentle climate and extravagantly fertile volcanic soil, it's one of the largest producers of spices in the Western Hemisphere. There are beautiful white-sand beaches and Grenada's capital, St. George's, is one of the most charming towns in the Caribbean.

Best for: Low-key vacations in beautiful natural surroundings.


Known for: A favorite of honeymooners, Jamaica is a mountainous island that rises abruptly from the sea. It offers excellent beaches, golf, eco-tourism adventures, and fine hotels in all price brackets, making it one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean, especially since you can find package deals galore.

Best for: Spicy food, good music, resort vacations, urban and natural adventures and quick trips from the United States!

Puerto Rico

Known for:  Old San Juan is one of the great highlights of the region, a sprawling colonial throw-back that buzzes with a lively vibe. Big beach resorts, casinos, and rich Hispanic culture are the highlights.

Best for: Explorations beyond sun, sand and sea while not leaving the United States.


sT. Lucia

Known for: Beaches, beautiful resorts, and lushly forested hills are the lures on this island long popular with honeymooners. Activities abound in and out of the water.

Best for: Divers, snorkelers, kite-surfers, nature-lovers and luxury seekers.


Known for: Turks & Caicos consists of little islands with perfect beaches and the stunning turquoise waters beg for discovery. Nowhere here is very busy, even the world-class dive sites. Grace Bay is a must see!

Best for: Divers, boaters, beachcombers and lovers of mellow retreats on the sand.

US Virgin Islands

Known for: The first Caribbean stop for many Americans has all the comforts - and familiar names - of home. St Thomas is commercial but St John and St Croix offer more natural and cultural allures.

Best for: Americans who don't have passports, mega-resort-lovers and nature-lovers.